Johan & Aïda Maree

Not only was this wedding really intimate (with only two guests), it was also very romantic with two people who clearly are in love with each other.

Heinie and Adrien

Dit was die perfekte somersonskyndag. Die lug was skoon en die veld so groen dat dit jou oë seermaak.

Charles and Nicole

When Charles and Nicole had their special day it was the most beautiful wind still afternoon with a glorious sunset.

Tertius and Bianca

This wedding was featured in the Northern Natal Courier because it was such a special day with so many unique and special moments.


An ensemble of some of my favourite pics taken at random or collected through my shoots. I hope you enjoy!

Dewald and Michelle

I couldn’t wait for this wedding to happen because it was at a venue where I’ve never been before.

Ralph and Andrea

It’s always a privilege to be part of a wedding where different nationalities are being celebrated.

Jody and Nandi

This wedding would turn out to be one of the most memorable weddings ever!